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Millennial Leaders United was formed to bridge the divide in politics and in communities throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands by cultivating and nurturing multi-generational collaboration!

Millennial Leaders United Objectives

Together, we can make it work!

1. Connect millennials

Connect millennials with local, national and international leaders to affect positive change in the Virgin Islands.

2. Connecting the Caribbean diaspora

Leverage the skills within the Virgin Islands and the broader Caribbean diaspora to boldly innovate our islands.

3. organize voters in the USVI

Be a staging ground for every generation to organize, participate, and improve the U.S. Virgin Islands by boosting voter registration and voter turnout in each district. 

Our Partnerships

Through collaborations we will educate, motivate, and emancipate this generation.

MLU Team


Liston Gumbs III

Liston Gumbs III, born and raised in St.Thomas , USVI is the head of the MLU Cabinet. Liston has studied accounting and specializes in crunching numbers.

Admin Assistant

Shakilah Liburd

Shakilah Liburd was born and raised in St Kitts and is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in psychology. As MLU’s administrative assistant, Shakilah focuses on keeping the cabinet organized and connected.

Media Coordinator

La’nae Charles

La’Nae Charles, a proud St. Johnian is currently pursuing a M.A. in Arts Management, specializing in collections/museum management, and entrepreneurship. La’nae manages the team’s external communications and overall content strategy.

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Yohance Henley

Yohance Henley, born and raised in St. Thomas, USVI has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and specializes in web development. Yohance manages and expands MLU’s strategic partnerships and seeks out fresh opportunities for the team.

Program Coordinator

Khalarni Rivers

Khalarni Rivers, a proud St. Thomian, is passionate about creating purposeful spaces for his fellow Virgin Islanders. He has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and founded the Community Enrichment Organization, VI Crawl. As MLU’s Program Coordinator, Khalarni develops events and activities that build community and cultivate passions.

Research and Technology Coordinator

Dennis Gonzalez

Dennis J. Gonzalez, born and raised in St Thomas, USVI has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Dennis manages the cabinet’s digital acquisition strategy, researches evolving technologies, and recovers passwords for team members’ emails when needed.

Not all heroes wear capes!

Communications Advisor

Amaziah George

Amaziah George, born and raised in St. Thomas, USVI is an aspiring teacher. He grew up in Bovoni, and is the founder and product manager of online newspaper State of the Territory News. Amaziah advises the MLU cabinet on strategic messaging.

Content creator & Graphic Designer

K'Jani Hall

K’Jani M. Hall, born on the island of St. Thomas and raised on the islands of St. Croix, USVI is the founder of graphic designing company “KJ Dezīn” and CEO of “Everyting Bless Clothing”! K’Jani works to bring MLU’s vision to life with visual messaging.

Policy Advisor

Shaulia Todman

Shaulia Todman, born and raised on the island of St. Thomas, USVI attended the All Saints Cathedral School and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of the Virgin Islands. Shaulia advises the MLU cabinet on policy and government developments. 

Mind-hacking the Millennial

Our MTM Team is comprised of intelligent, forward thinking, and well versed writers from our generation! We are here to do what we do best and that is write. Check out our work below!

Khefren Sackey

head journalist

Khefren is a current graduate student pursuing an M.A. in psychology. Over the course of his college career, he has not only developed leadership skills refined through his involvement in numerous clubs and organizations, he has also develop a keen sense of discipline honed during his tenure in the military. Khefren has also developed and honed experience in professional advising, coaching, counseling, proofreading and editing, and resume building, with the latter three being facilitated his business, MindHack Revisions.


Senior journalist

Speak to a MLU or MTM team member if you are interested in writing for your generation! 


JUNIOR journalist

Speak to a MLU or MTM team member if you are interested in writing for your generation! 


JUNIOR journalist

Speak to a MLU or MTM team member if you are interested in writing for your generation! 

"Millennial Leaders United is on track to become an extremely effective and useful community focused organization that offers deeper insights on politics and local developments. MLU's operations and initiatives are slim and inclusive, a strategy meant to keep the team productive by accomplishing more with less!"
- Millennial Leaders United Cabinet
Together, we can make it work!






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messaging, building strong community partnerships, and boosting voter registration throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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For team inquiries please email:

team@mluvi.org - To contact MLU's communications team

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